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I am probably going to sit in my room all day tomorrow completely topless doing uni work. Joy.
Sunburnt and sad joy.

"Someday you’re gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You’ll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing."
-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love.  (via wordsnquotes)



These are some of my favorite TED talks of all-time, guaranteed to inspire. If you have some favorites of your own that are not listed here, you may add them in the comments below.

John Hunter - The World Peace Game

Marcin Jakubowski - Open Sourced Blueprints for Civilization

"This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something."
-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love (via bookquotesbook)
"When I get lonely these days, I think: So BE lonely. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person’s body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings."
-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love (via observando)